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Grooming At The Lodge

Grooming is an essential part of your dog’s health and wellness routine. Whether it just a bath and nail trim, a full groom, or something in between, your dog will enjoy their day at the spa and come home smelling and looking their best. Our experienced staff of professional groomers and bathers will give your dog the attention they need to achieve the perfect cut, trim or bath. Doesn’t your best friend deserve a little pampering? 

Care First, Groom Second

Our Care Focused Workflow

  • 1. Check-In

    Our Client Care team will help you get checked in, and you will get an opportunity to meet your groomer in person. This is a great time to let them know anything specific to your pet or requested style.

  • 2. Pet Care Check

    All grooming visits start with a comprehensive care check. Our groomers will check the condition of their ears, teeth, skin, as well as look for any irregularities. This gives them an informed approach to the rest of the grooming service.

  • 3. Bath

    Prior to a good cut, our groomers make sure their coat is squeaky clean and prepared. We gently massage shampoo into your dog's coat to remove dirt, oil and debris, leaving their coat prepared for cutting.

  • 4. Dry

    Our groomers use a variety of methods to dry wet fur, from towel drying to blowers, to ensure every pet is comfortable and safe.

  • 5. Haircut

    Our expert groomers are well versed in many breeds, styles, and standards. They are always happy to work with you to ensure their cuts are accurate to your personal style too.

  • 6. Check-Out

    Our Client Care team will assist you in checking out, and they will also provide you with a report on how the grooming session went. Then you're ready to take your pet home to relax feeling fresh, clean, and comfortable. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your pet’s groom, we appreciate your feedback.

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Style & Comfort

Primary Services

The Little Extras

Other Services

Nail Trim

Utilizes special canine clippers to safely trim each nail while paying special attention to not cause any pain by clipping too close.


Nail Dremel

A nail dremel makes use of a rotating sanding tool to gently grind away parts of the nail. It is a great option for a smoother finish.


Ear Cleaning

Using sanitary cotton rounds and a vet approved ear cleaner, we remove dirt and wax from the outer edges of the ear canal.


Teeth Cleaning

Using enzymatic toothpaste and a toothbrush, we gently brush the teeth and finish with a minty breath spray.


Brush Out*

 A thorough all-over brushing to remove mats and tangles. *Pricing may be affected by any matting present.


Furminator Bath

We use a specialty shampoo and conditioner designed to remove loose undercoat and cut back shedding.


Mud Bath

A special Dead Sea mineral treatment to help nourish the skin and coat.


Anal Gland Expression

A manual expression of the anal glands to help prevent “scooting” behaviors.
*As expressing anal glands can be messy, this service can only be provided with a bath.


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Holiday Hours

New Year’s Day, Easter Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

Modified Hours:
Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve

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